Aloe Vera Bio-fertilizer & Plant Growth Enhancer

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The soil improver / fertilizer contains The unique blend of our bio fertilizer consists of 90% organic Aloe Vera which provides the beneficial natural phyto-chemicals and Polysaccharides/Acemannan that are necessary for superior plant intelligence. Plants know what they want, and so they respond positively with a happier growth thanks to enriched soil fertility. This then leads to healthier plants that have a strong immune system which then happily provide a higher yield and more nutritious crops. The Aloe Vera majority ingredient also acts as the perfect “carrier” for the beneficial microbes and the other additional natural ingredients that are in the formula. The plant root system receives a very effective stimulation and a very high absorption rate that suck up the available beneficial nutrients. Additionally, Aloe Vera can suppress negative plant pathogens plus so much more. We also recommend and have available an Aloe Vera Raw Material that can be used singularly or combined with the Aloe Bio fertilizer as a foliar spray that also acts as a plant growth promoter and also has been shown to reduce Bird, Flying Fox (bat) and Insect (pest) attacks on crops. (Historically no Aloe Vera plants are ever bothered by any type of pest because of its natural Aloin content) This is a great environmentally friendly way to deter these pests for all growers. Our products are a real solution to the damage that the earth has endured from hash chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides that are being used by many farmers and agricultural systems. E.g. previously in the 1965’s it would take 100KG of synthetic fertilizers to treat a one hectare paddy and now farmer?s need up to 400KG of the same synthetic fertilizer to apply to the same hectare to maintain the same yield. The soil is becoming more and more depleted and is not responding naturally with healthy conditions. This is a big problem that cannot continue as the situation is not sustainable. We strongly believe that our superior Aloe Vera Bio fertilizer & Plant growth enhancer is the “KEY” to heal the soil. Our mother earth is very proud of Aloe-Aashna’s mission and vision to replenish her soil so she can once again flourish with abundance of nutritious food. These yields will therefore nourish and revitalize all people on our magnificent planet. Our promise as an environmentally conscious company is that everyone wins. We win only when the Earth, Environment, Farmers and the People /Consumers win. We are inspired onwards by quotes like this below to provide solutions and a better future for everyone in the world.
Aloe Vera Bio-fertilizer & Plant Growth Enhancer – FASTFACTS
All fertilizer ingredients contained in this product are of plant origin, Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) Extract, Seaweed (Eucheumoid spp.) and Molasses.
– All ingredients are subject to fermentation with inoculated functional microorganisms.
– The soil improver/fertilizer contains no whole seeds, or viable plant material.
– The final fertilizer product contains no derivatives of animal origin.
– The manufacturing facility does not store or use any animal proteins or fats on site.