Almond Cracking Machine

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Specialized in producing and developing peanut and almond cracking machine type of all nuts. Industry offers a high range of superior quality of machine to satisfy almost every need of clients and customers. Industry offering machines with customization facility at most competitive prices. Product range include almond cracking machine, groundnut and almond shelling machine, peanut and almond peeling machine ,almond breaking plant ,Decatur machine, grading plant, peanut butter machine ,peanut cleaning machine, peanut coating machine, peanut cutting machine, peanut dry peeling machine, peanut Decatur machine, peanut frying machine, Peanut halving machine, Peanut roasting machine. Wooden peanut roaster etc. To prepare this type machine, an industry has own infrastructure with essential equipment of lathe, grinder, bending and rolling etc. all above machinery are equipped with iron, stainless steel and metal sheets also. Its produced by separation of the components of light by their different degrees of refraction according to wave length. The company has achieved a vast client base because of the wide spectrum of applications that their products serve in different industries. This machine is mostly used for testing the quality of materials.

Capacity:- 100 to 1000 Kg/h

– Motor Power: 2HP Three phase
– Weight: 500kg
– Length*Width* Height =10*5*8
– Approximate Material: Internal made by MS
– Completely automatic
– Power Source: 440 three phase
– Motor Crompton = 3Hp

5% damage to almond