All in one solar street light

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All in solar street lights

No assembly needed as it is an integrated product housing the Solar Panel, Li-Ion battery, LED light and electronics all in one.

Anusha is the first brand manufacturing All in One solar street light in India. This light uses indigenous components including Solar Panel, Li-ion battery, LED Lamp & Microcontroller based solar charge controller with PIR motion sensor.

1. All in one solar street light comes with Built in passive infrared PIR motion sensor which automatically detects human/traffic presence and adjusts LED brightness accordingly. If motion sensor detects no motion for more than 1 minute, the controller reduces the brightness of LED Lamp by one third. On detecting any movement in the range of 12-15m, the light will automatically glow at full power. This provided required illumination only when needed and helps in increasing battery backup time.
2. Microcontroller based design enables intelligent and efficient working
3. Totally off-grid design with very easy installation. Perfect for areas without Mains Supply
4. Lithium-ion battery technology provides longer product life and is completely maintenance free.


1. All in One Solar Street light comes in 2 parts.
– The pole mounting bracket
– The integrated light assembly with solar panel
2. Since proper functioning of all solar products depends on receiving unrestricted sunrays, so this light should be installed at a location free from shadows / obstruction to sunrays.
3. First, the pole mounting bracket needs to be fixed onto a pole using C-clamps. The rounded part of C-clamp should be on the outer side of the pole.
4. Now place the LED light assembly on the mounting bracket. Properly tighten the LED light assembly to the pole mounting bracket using 2 nos. nut-bolts (provided). Now tighten 2 screws (provided) from under side of the light.
5. The light should be mounted at 4m – 5m height. Kindly ensure that the pole on which light is mounted is sturdy and can support the weight of this light even in windy conditions.
6. Once the light is mounted, turn ON the Switch provided beside the light mounting clamp.

GREEN & RED LED indications

LED Indication Condition
RED: One blink every 2 second Battery discharged
RED: Two blinks every 2 second Solar panel needs to be cleaned
RED: Solid On (Unlikely fault) Battery voltage too high (system fault)
GREEN: Solid On Battery fully charged
GREEN: One blink at 2 seconds interval During DAY, Charging current 1 Amp
Note that the above is prioritized list of indications i.e. when a higher priority indication is there, any lower priority indication will not be given during that period.

*In process of product improvement, product specifications can change without notice
LED Light 12W / 15W Models available
Solar panel Poly-crystalline 40W
Battery capacity 11.1V 10Ah / 15Ah Lithiumion battery
Motion Sensor PIR motion sensor (12m range)
Detection: 102 Horizontal & 92 Vertical
Solar charge controller rating 5A LUMEN Output 1200 /1500Lumen. Dimming to 1/3 intensity on detecting no motion for more than 1min.
LED Dispersion angle 120
LED Driver efficiency >90% (Battery to Load)
LED light operating Voltage Range 9V -12.6 V DC
Load cut-off voltage for battery deep discharge protection 9 V
Light mounting height 4m – 5m above ground level
Space between light poles 10 m – 15m
Humidity Range 0 to 95% (non-condensing)
Temperature range 0 to 60 C
Product Warranty 2 Year (Battery warranty 1 year)
Light backup time Full night with dimming
Net Weight 11 kg
Weight with Packing 13 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 70cm x 45cm x 7cm
Packing Dimensions (L x W x H) 95cm x 53cm x 16cm