Paryavaraniya Vikas Kendra

Rajkot, Gujarat based NGO encourages farmers to opt for organic farming

Tushar Pancholi
Tushar Pancholi

Paryavaraniya Vikas Kendra, NGO at Rajkot, Gujarat is committed for natural resources management and environment education since 1995. It started concentrating on agricultural activities from 2003, choose to work on Organic Farming issues and developed model farms with modern practices to provide live farm operations to the farmers. Mr. Tushar Pancholi is the Director. He is an environmental engineer from Gujarat University and also has wide experience of 23 years in organic engineering technology.

300 farmers from Rajkot, Bhavnagar and Jamnagar districts are associated with Paryavaraniya Vikas Kendra. “Our volunteers interact directly with the farmers and encourage them to use organic manure “panchagavya fertilizer” using cow dung for farming instead of chemical fertilizer and insecticides. We refer it as Zero Budget Farming. The results are motivating and we are now experimenting with cotton, jeera, garlic and groundnut,” says, Mr. Pancholi. Farmers, seeing the results have reduced the use of chemical fertilizer to large extent and are satisfied with crop output too.

Challenges :
Financial and manpower resources followed by creating awareness about organic farming amongst the farmers and their lack of co-operation and willingness to work hard are the major challenges faced.

Farmer Training :
Live demo and discussion is held before the group of farmers at anyone of their farm where they are trained on preparing panchagavya fertilizer by themselves. Later same is distributed amongst them. The basic methodology of preparation and utilization is explained to them. “In each district we have two to three model farms. We will take the farmers to these model farms and make them talk with the farmers with bigger farms who are practicing organic farming,” shares Mr. Pancholi. Video and online training modules are also provided to farmers.

Assistance on Reducing Farming Cost:
Organization is concentrating on reducing farming cost for farmers like helping them to save One Lakh Rupess on their farming expenditure which will be more beneficial for them. “In Gujarat, more than 10,000 farmers practicing “Zero Budget Farming’ in one or other way. Using cow dung is becoming very common now. People have started buying cows on knowing the importance of organic farming. Farmers are also aware of health hazards of using these chemical fertilizers. So the situation is slowly improving,” maintains Mr. Pancholi.

Future Plans :
In next 10 years, Mr. Pancholi and his team plans to work more aggressively on Organic Farming and Zero Budget Farming concept. They are hopeful in coming years farmers shall have better opportunities and so the growth. However, if Government provides support similar as given for chemical fertilizer then results shall be multiplied.

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Source : Agriculture & Industry Survey