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Ms. Sangita Sharma on "Food Forest, Your Healer"

Ms. Sangita Sharma is the Chair Person and Founding Trustee of Annadana Soil and Seed Savers Network in Bangalore, Karnataka.  Her interests are regenerative agriculture, creation of food forests, seed conservation, sustainable living, foods that heal and empowering youth to be the catalysts for ecological change. To know more view 

Ms. Sangita Sharma says  if we, and the beauty of nature that is around us has to survive,  our destructive deforestation actions, consumptive behaviour in turn consuming us, should be changed. In the face of Covid’s stark and grave realities, she is honoured to introduce ‘Annadana’s Food Forest, their Healer, steered by an enterprising community of empowered farmers and their children, where indigenous farming knowledge is treasured and revived for overall well being.

Meeting was held on: May 3, 2021 3:00 pm
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