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Ms. Padma Kiran Sadashiva on “COCO PEAT – Manufacturing and marketing “

Ms. Padma Kiran Sadashiva is a Senior Manager (Project) at Saigram Charitable Trust in Bengaluru Karnataka. She says the traditional image of farmhouse holds in developing countries has been that they focus almost exclusively on faming and undertake little rural non-farm activities. The image persists and is widespread even today. Nevertheless, there is a mounting evidence that RNF i.e., income derived in this sector from wage paying activists and self-employment in commerce, manufacturing and other services, is an important resource for farm and other rural house holds, including the land less poor as well as rural town residents. Although this source accounts for only part of total off farm income which also includes farm wages and migration earnings.

Ms. Padma Kiran Sadashiva says COCO PEAT is an organic material and its production is part of the many uses of coconut. It is an excellent substrate for root development and therefore transplanting can be made directly into the coco peat without any further treatment or agent.

Meeting was held on: February 18, 2022 5:00 pm
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