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Ms. Keerthi Tanneeru on "My experience in setting-up Farmer Producer Organisation(FPO) "

Ms. Keerthi Tanneeru is the Director of Operations at Future AgriNest Farming Solutions Private Limited Company at  Suryapet District, Telangana. To know more view

Ms. Keerthi Tanneeru says FPO ecosystem, it not a new concept. It’s been followed by many developed countries in order to overcome challenges in agriculture and to maintain sustainability. Our Central Government has been taken many initiatives in order to promote FPO ecosystem in India. During this session, Ms. Keerthi Tanneeru will discuss on 1. What is an FPO? 2. How to register an FPO? 3. What are the benefits that a farmer can receive through FPO?

Meeting was held on: October 27, 2021 3:00 pm
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