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Mr. Surajit Sinha on "Climate-smart solution for mitigating crop production risk"

Mr. Surajit Sinha  is the Head – Agritech at  Farmsio in Chennai, Tamilnadu. He is into
– Market linkage through digital technologies and a professional over more than 16 + years of success in achieving revenue, market expansion, profit and business growth.
– Reshaping agriculture through digitization and impact into a single platform to the millions of smallholders
– Worked on input marketplace integration, market linkage and direct advisory

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Mr. Surajit Sinha  says climate change is a major risk that affects farmers in terms of pest of disease occurrence, yield reduction, crop stress, increase of cost of cultivation, and crop damage due to adverse weather capabilities. Along with climate change, technology solution also tends to measure the GHG’s (Greenhouse Gas) contribution of a village and farmers who are registered. Through climate-smart solution tends to provide decision making tools and advisory to farmers to use judicious use of fertilizers and time of application so that GHG can be reduced. Using an android based mobile application, satellite, and weather-based technologies in addressing these challenges. Climate-smart solution for mitigating crop production risk
(a) Soil moisture stress monitoring and crop-specific recommendation.
(b) Weather forecasting for mitigating weather risk on the crop.
(c) Pest and disease alerts
(d) Nitrogen stress for fertilization optimization
(e) Decision tools for the financial sector, input companies, government, and agribusiness sector.
(f) Monitoring and evaluation tool, and digitization of ICS for sustainability

Meeting was held on: December 7, 2021 3:00 pm
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