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Mr. Ramana Rao on "Graviola fruit - Health benefits and marketing opportunities"

Mr. Ramana Rao KV is the CEO of Trisakthi Stevia Farms in Hyderabad, Telagana. To know more view

Mr. Ramana Rao KV  says India is the 2nd largest country with cancer patients, whose death rates are over 80%. Modern medical research around the world could not find a solution till date. No amount of money is able to save the patients. Graviola tree is the hope of the world for a solution at almost throw away cost. It’s leaves, fruits, bark etc. are 10 thousand times stronger than chemotherapy without side effects. Whereas chemo is the only treatment in modern medicine that too with several severe side effects. It is very easy to grow this tree by the farmers with seeds, cuttings, grafting etc., and highly fetching. It is also is the need of hour. The marketing opportunities are more for this fruit.

Meeting was held on: December 20, 2021 5:00 pm
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