Mr. Rajshekhar Patil on "Bamboo farming changed my destiny"

Mr. Rajshekhar Patil, Founder of Rajshekhar Patil Bamboo Farm in Nipani, Latur District, Maharashtra is one of the top Bamboo Dealers. He often wonder how grass called bamboo changed his destiny. From penury and distress he found prosperity. He got almost 40,000 bamboo saplings free from a nearby government and planted in his farm just to protect his fruit trees, but surprisingly in 5 years time got 10 lakh bamboo poles. Initially Mr. Rajshekhar Patil started selling in small lots and finally big buyers started buying from him. This is how his fortune changed and he recommend many farmers to do bamboo farming because it is a profitable farming.

This meeting was held on September 23, 2020 11:00 am
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