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Mr. Raja Raghuwanshi on “Farmer Producer Organizations – How it should function to empower farmers and farming”

Mr. Raja Raghuwanshi is a Freelance Consultant,  FPO and Agriculture Expert from  Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh.

Mr. Raja Raghuwanshi says “Farmer Producer Organizations are key to empower farmers and farming by facilitating them from seed to sale. FPOs are farmer collectives engaged in similar operations in agriculture and allied and are the legal entities registered under companies or cooperative acts or any other legal status. In FPOs farmers are members and owners itself. They provide end to end supports to farmers such as; Input supply services, procurement and primary processing services, technical and advisory services, insurance related , marketing, storage and value addition services etc.
To support these FPOs Government of India launched a central sponsored scheme for formation and promotion of 10,000 FPO in India till 2025.
FPOs are being provided with financial assistance upto Rs. 18.00 lakh per FPO as management cost in a period of 3 years so as to support the FPOs in development of initial setup. FPOs can also avail matching equity grant of maximum Rs.15.00 lakh with a limit of Rs. 2000 per Shareholder.”

Meeting was held on: May 30, 2022 5:00 pm
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