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Mr. Pradeep Pankaj on “All about greenhouse technology”

Mr.Pradeep Pankaj is the Director of Alice Biotech Pvt Ltd., in Noida, Uttarpradesh.

He says, “Alice Biotech is a venture of Agriculture Technologists and engineering experts bringing the latest and the best in Greenhouse technologies since 2012. We deliver end to end solutions in Greenhouses starting with concept and going on to design and fabrication as well as turnkey installation. Our technology ushers in a revolution in agriculture. Exotic plants, herbs, vegetables and fruits that would not be able to flourish in normal open climatic conditions can now be grown under controlled conditions. We believe in adopting technology to suit objectives of a Research Scientist as well as suit the budget of a farmer. Years of experience and expertise go into our designs that deliver outstanding returns on investments.”

Meeting was held on: December 7, 2022 5:00 pm
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