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Mr. Nitin Singhal on "Insecticide resistance management and insect controls"

Mr. Nitin Singhal is the Director of Huntin Organics Pvt.Ltd., Faridabad, Haryana. To know more view

Mr. Nitin Singhal says, as population and economical level of consumers are on the rise, pressure for more food with the same limited land is increasing day by day. To meet this growing demand, use of toxic chemicals and harmful inputs like insecticides, pesticides etc. has also increased. This has created another pressure of chemical toxicity in the form of various health issues. Now, it is coming up as a big challenge to reduces toxicity without compromising on quality and quantity of outputs. At ‘Huntin Organics’ lots of research and practical experience, keeping interests of farmers and consumers has developed some Safe, Economical and Sustainable answers. Huntin Organics with a clear vision of ‘Destroy without Harm’ and ‘Nurture without Side Effects’ is coming up with this motto of win-win for everybody.

Meeting was held on: October 18, 2021 5:00 pm
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