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Mr. Kulkarni HB on "Repealing the new Farm Laws - Repercussions faced by FPOs and FPCs"

Mr. Kulkarni HB is the President of Federation for Re-farming Societies in Bengaluru, Karnataka. To know more view

Following key points will be discussed during this meeting.

1. Setbacks on market access
2. Private investment in Agriculture infrastructure
3. FDI in Agriculture
4. Demand for MSP as a legal right
5. Govt.’s turn back on agriculture reforms
6. Marginal farmers loose battle to small but vocal segments of farmers
7. APMC’S monopolies would kill FPO’S & FPC’S
8. Status of the Marginal farmers FPO’S/FPC’S is square one

Meeting was held on: December 17, 2021 3:00 pm
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