Mr. Akash Baburao Mule on “Shrimp farming practices and features of aqua-connect application”

Mr. Akash Baburao Mule is a Senior Aquaculture Officer at Aquaconnect in Navsari, Gujarat. He says shrimp farming is concentrated mostly in costal states from Gujarat to West Bengal. Majority of critical inputs like seed, feed etc are produced in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and transported to all the shrimp farming States.

During this meeting, Mr. Akash Baburao  will cover features of  Pond Diary Applications. This application capture farmers culture production data, which is :- Seed Stocking, Water Quality Reports, Daily Feed Quantity, Weekly Growth, Animal Signs, Expense bills, Farm infrastructure details.
This meeting was held on December 30, 2021 3:00 pm
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