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Mr. Abhijit Savant on "All about soil and irrigation water testing kits"

Mr. Abhijit Savant is the  CEO of  Prerana Laboratories in Pune, Maharashtra.  Prerana Laboratories  manufacture the largest range of water  & soil testing kits in India and  operating since 1985,  supplying products to industries across India and overseas. For agriculture purpose, they have two important types of products – Soil Testing Kits (Primary and Secondary) and Irrigation Water Testing Kit. The Kits are very user-friendly and economical at the same time. They can be carried to the field and tests can be quickly performed at the site itself. The fertiliser recommendation, appropriate dosage can be carried out based on these results, resulting in a healthy crop yield and avoiding of unnecessary usage of fertiliser, expenditure and conservation of soil health.

Meeting was held on: April 18, 2022 5:00 pm
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