Mr. Abdurrazzacq – organic basmati farming

Sticks to organic farming in spite of chuckles and giggles. Favors basmati rice for its flavor and taste

Mr. Abdurrazzacq. K, a retired deputy collector, cultivates basmati rice in his farm through organic farming practices. “I choose organic farming as it is safe to the human beings without any side effect,” he says as the motivating factor to get into farming post retirement. Farm is located at the end of northern side boundary of a big lake of his village Theevaiyur (South) near AD colony. Sugarcane, ADT.45, bajra, and groundnut etc, were cultivated at the farm before growing basmati rice. “After basmati rice, I cultivated tapioca. The crop had grown up to one feet height but abruptly left it after spending about Rs. 40000/- when the nearby people resorted to grazing their cattle in my fields,” he shares.

“Everybody made fun of me that I was not applying compost, manure, chemicals & urea etc,” he states, “Even when I resorted to semmai mel sagupadi i.e. planting the paddy seedlings in rows with a gap of one feet SRM method, people laughed at me.”

Organic farming inputs used are thakkai poondu (about 25 kg), cow dung (8 truck load), neem cake powder (5 bags), organic pesticide from amway and neem oil mixture, panchagavya from KVK, VK Puram. In addition green leaves are added in the soil while ploughing.

When asked why he opted for growing basmati rice in South India he replies, “I just wanted to venture boldly to cultivate basmati rice as no one cultivated it in my area,” and adds, “Organic basmati rice is so tasty and has a very good flavor without any side effects.” This year he got the yield of 25 bags of organic rice. Mr. Abdurrazzacq is aware that organic basmati rice fetches higher price in USA but, “I want to help my friends, relatives with organic produce. Hence I have not given this to traders or rice mills for sale. Also I feel that people are not yet enlightened about the goodness of organic basmati rice so I want them to experience the same,” he adds.

3 men and 12 women are employed on a day-to-day payment basis. “I myself regularly water the plants from my well with electrical motor pump set,” he shares. In future, Mr. Abdurrazzacq plans to grow and sell only ‘organic vegetables and fruits’. “I want to use my house as godown for selling organic manure,” he shares. He has also taken initiative to help others and hence has started Noor for Need Trust. The reason of starting the trust he shares after insistence, “I have come up in my life following extreme struggle for survival. So I want to help poor people freely.”

Mr. Abdurrazzacq K has done M.A Economics and MBA and retired after 38 years government service that he proudly states as unblemished government service.

Contact details-
Mr. Abdurrazzacq
Noor For Need Trust
174.Noor Manjil, NH.45 (69 kms from Trichy Intl Airport)
Thevaiyur post Perambalur District
Tamil Nadu state Pin 621115
Mobile 9443433321
Skype: abdurrazzacq.k