Wanted Where can I get murrel fish seeds in Tamilnadu?

vinay kps

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I am unable to find murrel fish hatchery in Tamilnadu.

Is there any private hatchery available for murrel fish in Tamilnadu?

How easy it is to setup a small hatchery for our own use ?
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there is no hatchery for murrel seed in India

everybody gets from wild collection of individuals.

I know a person who supplies murrel seed in Tamilnadu .

his number is 9791588110
contact him

Thank you


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As suggested by our friends go for seed collecting fisherman as the mother of Murrel will move with fingerlings by guarding the young ones which are red in colour in their early stages. Due to use of pesticides murrel fish has become extinct . '
lease contact us for techincal guidance and for project reports

G.Ananda rao B.Sc(Ag)
Agri Finance consultant,
Vijaya Agro Consultants
Mobile: 9703128495
Mail: garao56@gmail.com


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Contact Xavier Franco For Murral Fish Seeds , Farming Training to grow murral fish , ornamental fish breeding & growing in large ponds - 7904232557 Tamil Nadu , Tiruchirappalli


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Please contact. I can refer to farmers with whom you can inquire about the murrel seed supply.
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