Question What can be grown in my land (Kamrup district)


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I need suggestion what to grow in my land (Kamrup district). Planting areca nut is possible, but apart from that, can someone suggest medicinal shrubs, plants that can be grown which has high demand so that continuity is maintained? We wont have constant farm help hence something that takes less supervision. Till a year back, we leased it for paddy cultivation but now we want to utilize the farm throughout the year, where the herbs can have constant buyer. Teak, Agarwood, wood for timber is also not preferred as it takes few yrs plus to yield.


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Please send your contact to discuss in details about The land report & possible herbs, tenure & your choices.
Any business including farming, the benifits or profit will take some time. If you have time to wait, prepare the planing and budget as per your status. Before planting any thing, think regarding the sale or buyer. If your product can sale 365 days in your local market without any middleman, then you can continue. Governments (central & state) will help only finance and you have to market and sale before the product become scrap. If the product (vegetable & fruits) can't sale in time, 50% will become damage and your profit will become HALF. So, before planting any thing keep ready a buyer and sign 100% buy-back prior agreement with buyer.
Kindly contact for more details.
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