Question Wanted to know diff. between teak (Tectona Grandis) &Burma Teak(Tectona Hamiltoniana).


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Hello Prof, Doc, Scientists ,
Can some one help me understanding difference between teak (Tectona Grandis) and Burma Teak (Tectona Hamiltoniana).

-> Burma teak (T.Hamiltoniana) can be grown in India? Few say YES.. and Few say NO/Can't.
-> As a farmer, how can we know which is T.Grandis & which is Burma teak (T.Hamiltoniana).
-> what would be good price for a tissue cultured teak plant. Prices vary from 40 - 225/- per Plant in market.
-> In YouTube videos, all tissue culture teak plant manufactures / suppliers show tall and beautiful year old plants. From whom to buy?

Mother Agri BioTech
Semmas Burma Teak
Revolving Earth
Vatican shona
shiva bio plantec
Green India
list goes on on on on....

Appreciate all your genuine feedback and suggestions.

Thanks & regards
New Teak Farmer.

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