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Starting from September 1, 2019, the only place in this discussion forum where you can post unsolicited (not asked for) promotion message about your business, products, services is the Advertising Category.

This is a discussion forum and not an advertising website. If you go all over the place posting unsolicited advertising messages they will all be removed. Even if the "Advertising" category you are not allowed to post multiple posts. We will only allow more posts in the advertising category only if your previous posts are getting some genuine response.

Also, in the discussion forums if someone asks for information about your products/services, be specific and respond to their query. Do not post the same template advertising message in your reply. People are exhausted reading advertising and promotion messages. If you are genuine, authentic and participate in discussions this is more powerful than simply posting advertising messages.

If members notice any marketing/promotion messages in regular forum discussions, please alert us by clicking the "Report" link. If we receive complaints of misleading advertising posts or off-topic marketing messages we will remove them.

Read our Forum Posting Policy
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Not open for further replies.