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We want to start cultivation of turmeric in district Muzaffarnagar of Uttarpradesh. Where to find a processing unit near Delhi?


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Hello there! We are Food Research Lab. There are numerous spice manufacturers in and around Delhi with whom one can sign third party manufacturing contracts and get the final products directly through contract manufacturing. Some of the well-renowned manufacturers with whom we have had contact in the past include the following; P. KBM Gai Chaap Masala D. Omjee Gaichhap Masala Ganesh Brand Masale Love Kush Masala The Grains Kedara Masala Yogita Enterprises Sam Masale Food Research Lab has a lot of expertise identifying the proper manufacturer for the right project, and we provide this service to our clients. After the client approves the prototype, we identify a manufacturer and interest in scaling up to total production. Finding the proper manufacturing partner will aid in product development and bring significant value to the process. Use Food Research Lab to locate a manufacturing partner. We can aid you in identifying and selecting manufacturers, as well as assist you in preparing for and accompanying you to meetings with prospective partners and function as your technical team.

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