The three main challenges of the Indian farmer


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What are the three main challenges for you as a farmer in India?

I'm asking you this question, hoping that you are willing to share your views and experiences. As an employee at the Danish farm, Ausumgaard (Forside - Ausumgaard), I am currently working on our newest project, FoodKRAFT. Our vision is to become the Udemy of Agriculture (check out by educating and inspiring people to become farmers. But most importantly, we need to help solve real world challenges.

In our case, we are constantly working to capture a large enough share of our products' total value. We have succeeded in setting up a specialized crop production (for seeding and rape seed oil) with margins. However, we have also failed at establishing an organic production of vegetables for home delivery.

In a world that needs to feed another 2bn million, we constantly have become better at what we are doing as farmers, no matter if we are located in Denmark, India or elsewhere on the globe. By sharing our challenges, across national and professional borders, I believe we are one step closer to actually solving them and making agriculture prosper.



High return agriculture

I cultivate Vetivar and get intercrop Camomile +Mintha.I get min return 15 kg Vetivar oil , 5kg camomile and 40 kg mintha oil.

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