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Summer / Heat Stress Management of Dairy Cattle


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Managing heat stress of dairy animals is a great challenge for dairy farmers. Lot of production is lost due to low feed intake of lactating cows and buffaloes during hot and humid climatic conditions. Below mentioned are few tips to manage summer stress of dairy cattle:-
1. Avoid animals from direct sunlight.
2. Washing animals twice or thrice is a good practice.
3. Try feeding animals early in the morning and late in the evening when temperature is relatively low. It will result is greater feed intake and hence more productivity.
4. Exotic cows like HF may require additional etectrolytes and vitamins. Also, good results are obtained when herbal antistress formulations like RESTOBAL and PHYTOCOOL are administered.
5. Animals should have free access to fresh drinking water.
6. In case of fever/pyrexia which is unresponsive to antibiotics and antiprotozoal drugs, administer ice pack and start fluid therapy immediately. Consult your vet for symptoms of heat stroke and HIS (Heat Intolerance syndrome).
7. Heat intolerance syndrome is a metabolic disorter characterized by sudden rise in body temperature of a cow during summer months. The temperature rises along with environmental temperature for e.g. 102 at 10 o clock, 103 at 12 o clock, 104 at 1 o clock, 105 at 2 o clock, 104 at 5 o clock. It is more common in HF cows. In such cases administration of Iodine injections is helpful as Thermoregulatory functioning of thyroid gland is checked.
8. Control over ectoparasites during this season is very important as they are carriers of various diseases like Anaplasmosis, Red - Water disease, Tick fever, Trypanasomasis, Theleria etc.

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Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)