Software Professionals Turned Farmers


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Software Prof Turned Farmers

Dear All,

Good and nice to see lot of IT professionals venturing into Agri as a business. Thanks for providing very valuble own experiences. I am also from IT industry. I own 30 acres of farm as my ancestor property and recently I bought 100 acres and turning into Mango & Amla (intercrop), Guava & Coconut (intercrop), Lime, Jack fruit farm. It is not easy to get into Agri business but at the same time it is not something impossible. Need very good planning and direct site supervision is highly required to avoid mistakes. Yes. It is a good venture for future young generation.
Please contact me if you need type of advise.


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We are one and only high yielding tissue culture teak producers in India & abroad
M. BALA KRISHNA , M.Sc ; B.Ed ;( Ph.D)
Chairman & Managing Director , Mother Agri Biotech Laboratories (India) Pvt Ltd ;Hyderabad.
Chairman ,Seven Hills Biotechnology (India) Pvt Ltd ; Hyderabad.
Managing Director ,Seven Hills In Vitro Labs Pvt Ltd ; Tirupati.
Seven Hills Invitro Labs Pvt. Ltd.,
(Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory)
# 125, A.P. Sub Registrars Colony, Timminaidupalem,
Akkarampalli (P) Tirupati 517507
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

Mobile: +91 8885586565
+ 91 9000181101,,
Website : Seven Hills Invitro Labs Pvt. Ltd. Tirupati - - born for food and wood - -

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Any Government dept to help!

Its being a wonderful thread.
From this thread its clear that many wants to enter into agri field.
The main problem all (freshers) faces is lack of information/knowledge.

Why not some government officials or Government depts are not helping, after all we are planning to boost our production capacity.

Surely there may be some guidance from government side.
Those who know these info kindly share here.

Waiting for those valuable replies.

Future Farmer

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Govt help.....

Dear All and Basha100,

Yes. There are some schemes going on to support Agricultural activities.
You need to contact Agricultural Office (Agri Officer), where they provide
subsidary for Drip Irrigation (upto 75%) depending on the crop/plant selection.
Also they support for seedings and manure with subsidary.
Documents to be produced....from Revenue dept
1) Your Patta/Chitta adangal
2) Field Map for your survey no.
3) Passport size photos

You need to work with reputed drip irrigation company and Govt Agri Officer to
desgin the irrigation pattern, quotation, work order.
Please note that you need to pay your contribution upto 25%.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Govt. help...

Hi all,

Thanks Mr. Chinna for ur reply.

But I think it will be more help to all if some one tells how to find these helping
Govt. Agri offices in their own place.

For eg. how to approach this office in madurai. or in tirchy.....
Like this areawise address has to be collected. so that they can contact them initially before jumping into field.

I hope Proper Planning can be done easily with the help of these officers.

I feel shock or surprise that inspite of allocating too much money by the govt. via budget, these farmers are stilll poor & suffering .

What this govt. is doing why not they come openly & guide these farmers.

Wants to tell more but controlling myself. Lets see whether any one comes to help us.

future farmer.

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agriculture booming

Hi all,

Its nice to look into this thread.By seeing this even i thought of texting my opinion.I thanx for one who started this thread.

Even i worked as a software test engineer(QA engineer) for a year soon after finishing my BE.just for one year i felt like no creativeness in this IT.wake in the morning, hurry bury breakfast, waiting for the cab,rushing to office in the busy traffic,late return to pg.350 days the same routine.i was just thinking is there any life in this.just for money,money and money sake.stress full life.i decided to leave the job finally.I married to a guy who is a farmer and also is a business man.the only reason for this is i was just interested in creativeness.I now helps my husband in farming, business by applying my technical ideas in that and also works as a web designer from home.
Farming in the sense you shouldn't depend only on one must be a inter cropping.we grow arecanut,pepper,rubber,paddy,bee keeping.every field fluctuates may be IT or cannot assume the nature of the future.but one thing i want to tell is there is self satisfaction,happiness in agriculture which you wont get in IT and i want to tell is if you think cities,malls,clubs,parties are important than just forget on agriculture.Agriculture must be a passion which i will tell its a rich man's hobby.And a you can also see the below project if you are interested in farming:
we engaged with land cultivation..Rubber cultivation is vey booming for the next decades and for the present. per acre you will get 4 lakhs per annum as income. may increase but no loss at all.You just invest.we take care of your plantation for the next 5 just take the profit of it.we also provide you place in the farm to construct a farm house,so that you can spend your weekends over there(we our self take the risk of constructing home of your budget). so look into this plan.we presently located at karnataka.if you are interested in this you can visit some of our projects at karnataka and reply for this.
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Venkat - IIT alumni turned agri entrepreneur


Nice to see this thread... I am an IT professional with over 14+ years exp, an IIT alumnus and head a agri supply chain startup called efarm .

There are several unexpored oppurtunities in agri sector and key reason why people are finding sector a poor peformed is becuase so far all educated people have turned away from farms and gone to cities...

avg age of farmers = 55 years + wheraes of IT industry is 25+ ..

if youth & educated return back to sector, automatically you will see money also from farming

we see it as a a 'management and planning' issue .. and for prrof , our firm has been listed as top 10 startups in India and alsready got investment from priavte VCs!

for details check out our website efarm ( and efarmdirect (eFarmDirect | Enabling Farmers Reach Markets)

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Dear indians, with income in agri you can also transfer black or extra income of money in white via agri as, agri profit is non taxable.

Means u have 100 rupees black in your hand and if you can show u have sold rice of rupees 100 from your farm you can make that black 100 in white.

Any person want to join agri business kindly revert to p message.

We can start in group means 1 lk of 50 people we will have 50 lak by which we can do big projects and you will be share holders of said agri business.

Please contact me
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Agri is it business/Industry/investment etc.,

Agriculture Land is like Mother - She would not make you loss if you treat it in a
right way

Any agricultural project involves some amount of risk in it, as agriculture is subjected to vagaries of monsoon which is not under the control of the farmer. To compound the matter further, unscientific approach by the farmer without proper understanding of soil health, wrong selection of crops and inadequate funding leads to ‘high-risk zone’ that is called AGRICULTURE.

We are in a project of Agroforestry plantation (eculyptus) buy back with a State Goverment owned enterprise, it required 4.5 Million tonnes of woodpulp, is producing different varieties paper of acceptable quality primarily from Bagasse and pulpwood and currently taking up the expansion of paper production capacity from 2.45 Lac MT to 4 Lac MT per annum. therefore, it requires continuous availability of about 4.5 Lac MT of pulpwood per annum. Against this backdrop, it has embarked upon development of plantation and launched a plantation scheme called FARM FORESTRY SCHEME

We have prepared a significant project, wherein importance has been given to solutions (to risks) and thereby eliminating risks in the planning stage itself. The main ideas conceived by us to make our project a grand success are summarized here below:

• Selecting drought tolerant tree varieties for drought prone area.

• the selected crop is some of the fastest growing trees in the world.

• the crop have adaptability to varied soil / agroclimatic conditions.

• No need for fencing the crop area as cattle do not graze these two crops.

• Possibility of theft is almost Nil when compared to Horticultural crops.

• Selection of Hybrid clonal Eucalyptus for higher yields.

• Procurement of high quality planting materials at concessional rates.

• Planting coincides with the onset of North East monsoon, hence mortality of plants will be Nil and their establishment in the soil will be far better.
• It has been planned to provide sufficient plant spacing for efficient use of machines instead of manpower for deweeding.

• Marketing the harvested produce is made simpler by entering into ‘Contract agreement’ with the market leader - Government owned factory

• Harvesting cost, Loading cost and Transportation of pulpwood from our lands to the factory will be borne by them thereby saving not only our money but also our precious time and considerable energy.

• As Eucalyptus has coppice capability, the plantation can be retained for 18 years.

• We can get more income from the ratoon crops of Eucalyptus because of faster and more cycles and reduced expenditure in the ratoon stages.

• Free technical assistance for planting and advisory services after planting can be had from the factory

• the company and M/s Forest College and Research Institute, (FC & RI) Mettupalayam are Consortia partners in the NAIP-ICAR sponsored project. Hence we can avail free technical assistance from FC & RI also.

• We can arrange inspection of our fields by experienced officers from the ‘Forest Department of Tamilnadu’ and the scientists from ‘Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding’ (IFGTB), Coimbatore also.
Hence, considering all the above positive features I invite you to participate in our project in whole as per the project implementation schedule for attaining a 100% success in this maiden venture.
Please feel free to contact us at any time for your query

Those interested gives us your contact details, i will send you the project report

The first project is going to be in 100 acres come be owner of the land get registered in your name have agreement directly by you with the State Government owned public limited company. get minimum assured returns 100% and the value of your investment goes to 300% and more


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great thread!!!...

Me being the member of this group, looking for something and ended up reading this thread, thought why I havent got to see this thread upto now..

My opinions, this is from own experience being from agriculture family background and working in IT industry and doing agriculture for 3 to 4 years.

1. There is no second thought on venturing into Agri, but think if this is the right time for you to enter
2. Do not expect returns from the next month, you have wait patiently for atleast an year to see the returns.
3. Have an income source to fulfill your day to day monetory needs for the initial time.
4. Do not spend so much on the land(I agree the fact that it should be reachable from road, water and soil quality), because our aim is agriculture, not real estate.
5. I too understand why people say to buy land for appreciation, they look on backup if agriculture is a failure. Do not worry, you wont fail if you are really 100% into it.
6. Spend your quality time on the farm, just appointing a manager wont work. otherwise you need a trustable person family/friend/relative to care all the work.
7. Incase of livestock (buffalo/cow/goat), have land planned for fodder, shelter etc. Buy the livestock after the fodder and shelter is ready
8. plan to have integrated farming fodder+coconut/areaca nut + livestock - this will give money throughout the year
8. when planning on trees, make it multicrop timber+fruit value, most of the fruit trees will start yield from 3 years and go on depending on the variety, since you need to wait atleast 6 to 7 years on timber wood. (on natural farming multicrop is recommended for soil health)
9. read a lot about farming, just reading will not help, visit the near by farms and gain tips from their mistakes/failures.

reagarding loan ,all you might be knowing about loan for livestocks, you can get 25% subsidy from NABARD.

good luck!!!..
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Inviting all IT professionals to community farming

Organized Sandalwood, Organic Mango and Teakwood Farms


• Gated farming with in-house swimming pool, Club House, Auditoriums
• Cricket Stadiums, Badminton Courts, Basketball courts
• 300 sandalwood, 100 mango and 50 teakwood per acre
• Project approved for claimable insurance of 4.5 crores INR per acre
• Project planned with all contingency planning such as
• Organic pest management preparation.
• Rain Water harvesting management system.
• Ground water recharging management.
• Adaptation of cutting edge technology for crop protection.
• Land ownership in the name of investor giving complete control of investment.
• Minimum investment requires is as low as 3 lakhs.

Projects at Moinabad, Ketreddipally, Chavella, Vikarabad & Aleru

Available in 726 Sq Yds. 1200 SqYds, 2400 Sq Yds and 4800 SqYds

Call 96522 23860 or

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dvenkat u really made me and my father cry.
I was just by your words,
I`m a very intelligent boy in I.T. field but I like(love) agriculture only
hence instead of going for S/W field I`m going to devote my life in agriculture.
I`m just 19 now and want to make agri. as my only income source
I`m going to do agri. in advance way not the typical ways which my forefathers follow but still I`m in-experience and just want some advices and if possible Investments too.
There is no point getting emotional over this. I am into IT too. Do you know biggest problem for farming community is unavailability of funding source when its needed the most. Keep this in mind.

Pursue your career in IT, Agri Business to be done for Passion, not for Profit. Profit is a bi product of a passionate effort, not the goal.

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Agriculture is the primary industry where as IT is Tertiary industry. The learning from performance driven, projectized, process based industry can help develop agriculture which is practiced with age old tradition and less of science. This influx is good as building agriculture will help us build the nation.

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hort my heart

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There are some advantages of agriculture over IT profession:-
*Always have high demand..., You can switch over crops according to the market requirement.
*Stress free - eco friendly life
*Horticulture crops like exporting cut flower crops are nowadays getting popular and fetches more money.
*Agriculture Universities are there to help you!!
*If you invest smart on Horticulture crops you can earn more than IT.

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a message for newbies to agriculture

Hmmmm.......agriculture is your girl friend until you pursue her as a hobby and becomes a wife when you take her up as profession
who said marriages arranged or love are unsuccessful its all about commitment and compromise !

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Software professional turned Farmer

Friends, On visiting this forum it is so interesting to know there are many software professionals like me of the same wave length. Why don't we form up a Team to discuss all about, share our thoughts and get together in this Project.

S. Murugan
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There are many well educated peoples looking to step into agri/farming, Some peoples writting their thoughts or future plans in such a forums, others silently watching and gathering informations, difficulties on this field and new trends etc..

I experienced this from my co-workers/frineds and other informational sites.

Recently I went for one day farming training conducted near Chennai..There were 86 peoples came to attend that training among that neraly 60 peoples working in IT and other industries and they recorded that program for the peoples working in abroad( seems many peoples requested) to send in CD format.

Please dont sell your agriculture lands, That will be your future earning field.
Hi Prem_Jana,

Where and by whom is this training conducted near Chennai? Thanks


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Hi Sundara,

Trainings are conducted by goverment organaizations like KVK and other agriculture departments. Around Chennai near SRM college(Potheri or Kattupakkam)..there they will conduct lot of trainings on rotational basis like country chiken, goat farming project, Bee keeping, organic farming..etc..

There are many paid service trainings conducted by private farms you can see the advertisements in this site itself..

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Nature lover

Hi Naveen,

Me too Naveen Shekar from bangalore. Inspired from your blog in the forum.
Please let me know how do you manage things remotely.
I am also into software industry will to do integrated farming. Please suggest me on do and dont's. Also please let me know aquaculture, which had planned to do.

By the way how much price did you pay for your 8 acres of land.



I am also in IT, recently i bought around 8 acres of land bordering western ghats in Udipi district.

It has established arecanut farm in 2 acres(1000 bearing trees) where i can plan for intercropping.

I have another 1.5 acres where new areca is 2 yrs old.

so ihave hilly region of around 4 acres which can be developed. need your suggestions on these.
Water is plenty and i plan for fish culture in 5-10 cents (100 cents = 1 acre) area of low lying land (bottom of the hill slopes) Let me know your experince on this.
Also i plan for a cow farm where traditional variety are kept and a sustainable organic manure and power generation model is established i.e Cows --> manure --> Power --> Fed to Water lifting and trees as manure --> cows get farm feed. In nut sheel from traditional cow breed whole farm should be self sustaining.

Dear friends, please suggest me ideas to develop and make our farm economically better and evolve on novel ideas.

Friends the farm is very scenic especially in rainy season, i invite all interested nature lovers to visit our farm.


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