Snack Food Production in the US


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Snack Food Production in the US

This mature industry has grown at a modest pace, with continued product innovation and the increasing amount of consumers who are snacking more frequently contributing to recent growth. As consumers continue to move towards healthier snacking, a large majority of major players are taking advantage of this opportunity to innovate products in the natural and organic arena.


This is the replacement for IBISWorld's September 2010 edition of Snack Food Production in the US

About this Industry

This Industry Market Research report from IBISWorld provides a detailed analysis of the Snack Food Production in the US industry, including key growth trends, statistics, forecasts, the competitive environment including market shares and the key issues facing the industry.

Industry Definition

This industry comprises manufacturers that produce snack foods, including potato and corn chips, pretzels, popcorn and other similar snacks. This industry does not include cookies and crackers (IBISWorld report 31182), bakery products (31181) or cereal and granola bars (31123). The establishments in this industry primarily prepare nuts; process grains or seeds into snacks; or manufacture chips, popped popcorn and similar snacks.

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Snack Food Production in the US

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