Sheep Farming Vs Goat Farming


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We are researching about starting goat/sheep farming in Chitoor Dist, and working on project reports. I have found few reports/analysis about goat farming but we are looking for sheep farming, and pros & cons of sheep farming vs goat farming.

Please share your expertise..

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Goat & Sheep Farming Project Reports


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goat vs sheep farm

Dear jangamjaya,
Goat farm is 10 times more profitable than sheep farm.
Sheep gives birth to 1 kid in a year whereas goat 4kids in a year.
Maturity period of sheep is of 390 days whereas goat matures in 300 days.
Goats are highly resistants to diseases as compare to sheep.
Goat meat has very high demand as compare to sheep meat.
Marketing of goats is very easy as compare to sheeps.
Goats requires less fodder as compare to sheeps.

The only plus point with sheeps is that,they produces wool 2-3 times in a year.But just considering the wool profit u cant go with sheeps,just think of above points regarding goats.
In the end the profit obtain by selling goats is much higher than that obtain by selling wool and sheeps.

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