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Sell: Sunflower seed dehuller


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The sunflower seed dehuller can clean various impurities in sunflower seeds, then hull, remove shells, separate and re-separate. Un-hulled seeds will be returned to huller for re-hulling automatically, thus automation degree has been greatly improved. It is the most ideal equipment to process both confection and bakery sunflower kernels for both kernel industry and oil industry,…… for more info, pls contact Annie...

Our machines have been exported to more than 50 countries, such as USA, Germany, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, South Africa, etc. and have been well recognized by customers around the world.

Meantime, our company also specializes in pumpkin seed dehulling machine, watermelon seed dehulling line, buckwheat hulling line, oat hulling machine, hempseed dehuller, rapeseed shell removing machine, almond processing equipment, hazelnut processing line, mung bean decorticating machine, castor bean shelling machine, Gordon Euryale Seed hulling & separating equipment, acorn huller, almond kernel peeling machine, peanut kernel blanching machine, buckwheat milling machine, bean cleaning machine, roaster, all kinds of cleaner, elevator, and some agro-products, such as: hulled sunflower seed kernels, pumpkin seed kernels, (roasted) buckwheat kernels, etc. in China

Sales manager: Annie
Jinzhou Qiaopai Group Co., Ltd.
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Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)