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Research Report on Wheat and Flour Industry in China


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Since the year of 2007, international agencies predicted strained supply of agricultural products based on the global macroeconomics situation, leading to the global surge in the prices of agricultural products, especially the international price of wheat. While in China, the wheat production has reaped good harvest in a row from 2004 to 2008 so that the wheat price has been increased since Nov. in 2006. Nevertheless, the consumption of wheat is mainly on flour process and the demand is inflexible. Thus, to reduce the influence by domestic inflation, the wheat price kept a low increase owing to the regulation and control of national policies and affection by the supply-demand factors. ( Research Report on Wheat and Flour Industry in China - Business Market Reports )

The flour industry is one form of the wheat consumption and its development is affected seriously by the raw material market of wheat. Whether the domestic wheat price will go rising owing to the huge gap between global and national wheat price? Whether the substantial increase in planting cost will arouse the fluctuations in wheat price? Whether the wheat output will meet the consumption in the future and where the wheat processing industry heading for and what kind of challenges and opportunities will be faced by the processing industry in the year of 2009 to 2015?

We are an information institution focusing on professional market research and information service. It provides research reports that specialize in monitoring market of important agricultural commodities, analytical predication and related consulting service. We serve in administrations and ministries, such as National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce and State Grain Administration as well as in enterprises at home and abroad, which engaged in agricultural production, processing and trading, also some other futures companies. With the research team of high quality analysts and specialized paraprofessional, we gained higher brand recognition among the industries home and broad since its establishment for fifteen years.

We organized working groups of industrial experts to conduct a series of exhaustive investigations among the flour enterprises and wheat raw material market; to establish a mid-long range forecast of the wheat and flour industry, so that we can supply high-quality report to the relevant enterprises and investment research institutions.

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