Regional Supply-Demand and Circulation of Corn in China


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Regional Supply-Demand and Circulation of Corn in China

Corn is the second largest grain corp in China. Corn is mainly planted in the Northeast, Southwest and north China, forming a long and narrow planting belt from northeast to southwest. 85% of planting acreage is concentrated in the belt, which gives rise to an output of 90%. Corn can be used as feed, industrial material and food. The varieties of use, ever present areas of demand, and the regional imbalance of production and consumption, make corn one of the agricultural products with the largest circulation scale. ( Regional Supply-Demand and Circulation of Corn in China - Business Market Reports )

Then, what are the specific characteristics of flow direction, rate, mode, cost, time, etc., on the regional circulation of corn in China? What trends in development will emerge regarding regional circulation of corn in the future? In this report, we survey regional structures and scales of livestock breeding, production capacities of corn processing enterprises and so on, analyze and evaluate the scale of corn demand in all parts of China, calculate supply-demand gaps of corn in various regions, and predict future trends in development.

Over the next several years, the circulation pattern of “north grains transported to the south” will be maintained. However, the feed and industrial demands for corn will increase continually in the production regions, hence the inter-regional circulation scale will drop gradually, and the position and effect of the government in corn circulation will become increasingly prominent. Therefore, expanding supply channels, maintaining multiple and stable supply-demand relationships, and even importing corn resources from overseas, are the present issues facing related companies and these should be prepared ahead of time.

For those wanting to understand supply-demand structure and circulation characteristics of china’s corn market, seeking market space, preparing ahead and seizeing market opportunities for the future, this paper provides a useful basis and references.

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