Prawn/Srimp & Seaweed Culture Technology Transfer


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Prawn raising is very much in its infancy. So that after a round of survey that took almost two years, Aquatropics Magistrate, Inc., a subsidiary of UNIVALM Agri-Aqua Research for Scientific & Technological Advances, found that prawn/shrimp farmers are changing their technology systems in a trial and error than through a scientific approach. Most if not all prawn operators are adopting foreign technology. The techniques that have been established in one country may not be applicable to other countries. Hence, shrimp farming techniques are not disclosed and will remain untold until such time that aquaculturist and researchers are confident that research results can be package into a standard technology.

After considering all the technology deficiencies involved in Penaeid Prawn farming, UNIVALM mustered all its research and resources on Prawn Ranching and now offers the state-of-the-art theory and methodology Technology Transfer.

Aquaculture farming is a century-old practice in many Asian countries. Until two decades ago, this commodity was still generally considered a secondary crop in traditional Fish Ranching practices. Aside from tropical countries, Europe, Japan, China, USA and other countries were and still very much involved in fish/shrimp culture. When in fact there are no more doubts about the tonnage requirements of sea foods in the world market, yesterday, today and the future due to increasing world’s populations.

Brackish water species (fish, prawn/shrimp, crabs & others) will survive in three different culture systems, traditional-extensive, semi-intensive & intensive. Survival rates and the quality of the product remain to bother aquaculture farmers, because these could be the basis of the demand of better price in the world market. The future of fish/prawn industry lies in the hands of individual operators and/or farmers, as to the kind of technology they are inducing throughout the culture periods.

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. All of these requirements can only be achieved if you are a holder of a Daily Parameter on Prawn/Fish Biological Requirements (DPP/FBR). Aquaculture is the raising of marine species outside from its natural habitat from hatching to maturity to marketable sizes, supported and back-up by artificial means of supporting its life in different biological requirement based on their habitat --- from estuarine to inner littoral to the outer littoral of the sea.
Aquaculture technology is a “Knowledge of Power” --- but it depends upon the source of your technology. Aquaculture is an arithmetic bugs, it Adds to your misery; Subtract to your pleasure; Divide your attention and Multiply like HECK!

Daily Parameter on Prawn/Fish Biological Requirements (DPP/FBR)
This Daily Standard Culture Period is a simple gizmo/gadget where you can simply compare evaluate your daily recorded parameters, fundamental to the biological requirements of your cultured stocks. These includes the life transition periods, density, body weight, type/feeding rates, water salinity/deepness, days of culture, harvest date, survival, total yield, etc., etc., etc.

Should you wish to get hold of this amazing gizmo, please fill free to contact us
At: Telefax 63-32-422-2986; 0927-751-2773; 0928-389-9115; 0922-687-9576

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Im intrested in Prawn farming... I have a agriculture (Paddy) land in Kanchipuram, which i want to turn as prawn farm, is that possible to grow the prawns in fresh water as the seay is almost 70 -8- kms away from my place.....could you share me the full details with investment, possibilities and project report... to read and proceed further...drop me a separate email

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