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Dear Friends,
Kindly Advise & Support. Poultry farm Construction is Going on. Capacity 7500. With in One month going to be complete. What's the Next Step.... I am New In this Field.. From where can i get chiks... etc...

Farm Location Near Jayamangali Blackbuck Reserve, Maidenahalli, Madhugiri Taluk, Tumkur district.

Please contact me by Email- tumkurcity@hotmailcom

First conveying my wishes for your effort to build a chick farm and efficient way of developing it.
As I do not belong to that area, I will let you know the points, up to my knowledge. Let me help you with the best practices of selecting the chicks.
Start with chicks or mature birds instead of eggs;
Choose dual-purpose chicken breeds;
Get a heated water bowl (for cold climate flocks) Suguna Poultry Farm Limited-Mahalaxmi Nagar, Darshan Poultry-Venkatapura,Chikkanahalli Poultry Form-Hettenallama Temple. .
Hope this will help you better for getting the best chicks for your farm!


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