Plant growth, immunity and pest control - All in one Liquid Organic Manure.


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Progro is a liquid organic ALL in ONE product, which can be used in all types of crop / plant like paddy, vegetables, mango, tea garden, horticulture, medicinal plants, flowers, wheat, betel etc.

Progro works in 3 ways:
1.Substantially increases the crop yield through proper plant nutrition.
2.Improves plant immunity against diseases.
3.Powerful Pest repellent

Progro is a natural and easy substitute for chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
Progro makes organic farming easy and profitable. It helps in reducing the cost of cultivation and improve the profits.

Having received several requests for providing a trial pack, we have made special arrangements to send TRIAL PACK of one litre bottle @ 600/- including courier charges.

For details please write to:

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hello sir I am abhijeet Shenoy ..a resident of India (Bellary ,Karnataka ).. I have dealings in agricultural product and i have one such important product that helps in improving the yield of the crop(any crop for that matter ),pest control and gives immunity to the plant
the product provides an excellent opportunity to increase the crop yield.
It can be used as
1) Spreaders: provides more uniform spray deposit on plants; improves coverage of insecticides, herbicides; fungicides and foliar fertiliser sprays.
2) Activator: thorough wetting action helps improve performance of post-emergent insecticides and fungicides.
For use of growing and harvested crops:
Helps in dispersing powders and oil-base liquids.
The International and Indian test results on verity of crops proves its effectiveness .For improving pesticide coverage and performance.
Increases water penetration-gets more water into the soil. Also aids irrigation by reducing run-off; saves water.
Aids irrigation by increasing rate at which water soaks into soil; promotes more efficient water usages.
Helps keep spray equipment clean and prevent closed nozzles-reduces down time.
Non-corrosive to equipment.
According to Indian researches, it fetches a return of 12 to 58 times of the amount spent on it.
It is an approved surfactant / adjuvant – when used as spray adjuvant with herbicides and pesticides and also when used as soil conditioner
Allows a more uniform spray improving coverage.
Breaks down surface tension of water allowing better penetration into the leaves.
Reduces corrosion and clogging of spray nozzles.
Significantly increases percent and time of effectiveness.
Reduces compaction allowing deeper roots and better takeup of water and nutrients.
Faster water infiltration rates, less runoff and better water holding capacity.
Maintains more nitrogen in the upper profile of the soil.
Nutriplant SD / SL Seed Treatment – unique blend of micronutrients complexed with fermintation metabolites
Better root development.
Faster emergence.
Increased resistance to environment stress.
Nutriplant AG – a foliar-applied, liquid, micronutrient supplemental fertilizer
Designed to give the plant what it needs at critical growth stages.
Stimulates plant metabolizm.
Increased resistance to stress.
Increased yields
It is neither an insecticide nor a fertiliser. It is an adjuvant that enhance the performance of the insecticides and fertilisers and also helps the water or solution to penetrate deeper.
In case u r interested in it... like you can have a look at it once, experience the product and then if u like the product you can even market these product ..For a practical demo on how the product works you can contact me at this number 7829163026 or email me at

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