Organic food for a healthy life


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Nowadays, organic food has become more and more popular in supermarkets. Organic food is better than conventionally grown food because it contains no pesticides without synthetic fertilizers. According to experts, the organic food market in India is growing by 17% per year.
Organic vegetables and fruits ensure freshness and high quality, as they are grown naturally on the farm. Contains natural pesticides (compost, manure) that are non-toxic. They are free of toxins, chemicals, and are high in antioxidants.
Organic oil:
Pure organic oil, natural, safe and rich in nutrients. Normal oil is usually treated with different chemicals over and over again before being packaged, which causes serious problems like stroke, heart problems and cholesterol etc in humans.
Buy organic peanut oil that is cooked, unlike refined oil, isn't exposed to high temperatures and doesn't contain any chemical additives. Buy organic coconut oil for its multifunctional, rejuvenating, moisturizing effect, good for hair and relieving dryness and skin irritation. Pure organic oils nourish and smooth from head to toe.
Organic impulses:
Legumes like Urad, Beans, Masoor, Moong, Chana are organically grown legumes with high nutritional content. The aroma of Bio-Impulsen is more elite and the taste is authentic.
Buy organic rice like Aathur Kichilisambha Rice, Kauvni Black Rice, Mappillai Samba which are excellent sources of healthy nutrients like fiber, minerals, low in calories and gluten free.
Buy organic sugar like unrefined raw cane sugar, chemical free round jaggery that is free from preservatives, coloring or artificial sweeteners.
Organic foods are naturally rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. Help reduce health risks without polluting the soil and being better for the environment.

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