New Fertilizer to grow Teak & Timber plants at DOUBLE rate



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Dear Farmers,

High Yield Fertilizer is specially made to double the growth rate of Teak, Bamboo, Casurina, Subabul, Silver Oak, Sandalwood, Mangium and Paulownia Tree plantations.

WIN-A-CROP DOUBLES the growth rate of Timber yielding plants and Paper pulp-wood plantations, thereby reducing the maturity period by 50% time. Farmers can enjoy highest income from their plantations in half of the Original growing period.

is Eco-friendly Organic product and absolutely safe Herbal formula processed with world’s most advanced SMMAAP technology, promotes rich quickest germination, fastest growth and highest yields.

technology is nominated for WORLD FOOD PRIZE (USA), certified by the scientists of Agriculture University and OF & G (United Kingdom). It is represented to the Honorable Central Agriculture Minister Sri Sharad Pawar in support of SECOND GREEN REVOLUTION.

e are welcoming Farmers to utilize WIN-A-CROP to DOUBLE the growth rate of your plantation and Income.

We are inviting Dealers and Importers for taking up the Distribution on highly profitable terms.

For more information or to buy WIN-A-CROP or for distributor inquiries, please contact us on [/B] or email to

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Please send your inquiry through Email


Any testimonials for this and what is the cost?

Dear Member,

Good day.
Many thanks for your kind response.

Please send your inquiry through Email, as Agriinfo reply box cannot accommodate the details and relevant file attachments of WIN-EA-CROP Hi-Yield Fertilizer.

Our Email id is

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