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i want to make new coconut farm. i have 3.5 acre land in thanjavur district in tamilnadu. i want to use 2 acre for this farm. how i get the coconut tree with government subsidy. where i get and how i apply. please give a full details.

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Hello sir,
please contact coconut development board, tamilnadu for sapplings
Regional Office,
Coconut Development Board,
First Floor, Plot No.1579,
A-1 Plot, J Block, 9th Street, 15th Main Road,
Anna Nagar, Chennai - 600 040.
Tamil Nadu.
Ph: (044) 26164048
Fax: (044) 26164047


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Hello Mohamed,
As I have coconut form in Erode Dt, i am more happy to share my expreience with you.

1. Findout the land / soil is suitable for coconuts. In general, the Thanjaur is low land and water may get accumulated for months during the rainy season.
2. Do not worry about govt subsidy for saplings. It is very very important to get high yielding and drout tollerant coconut plant. Choose the coconut plants that has medium size nuts with high copra. If you are planning for tender coconut, please go dor Orange or yellow veriety. If you are planning for nuts, then one may choose Tiptur (Karnataka) veriety or High brids like DJ farm. I have recently went to Tiptur to get Tiptur verity for my farm in Erode. This particular variety is available from a direct seller Near by Palladam.
3. with respect to spacing - 27 feet x 27 feet or 27 x 30 feet is good (I have 27 x30 and going to use the inner space for planting fruits).
4. Good time to Plant: Do not choose April or May. This may be the right time. Make sure no water stays in the pit. Use at least 3 x 3 feet pit.
5. If you choose to buy sapling anywere elase, please visit the farm itself and evealaute the mother plants before buying saplings. Do not buy saplings from nursery or re-sellers or from people who do nut selling business.

if you need more info, please send me a personal message, i will provide you more info.

with wishes,