Need young & adults for social works in rural areas in AP


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Hi, my name is Kaushal Srivastava. I am a Captain of Singapore merchant navy and about retire and return to India. On my return, I wish to do some social works like setting up a non-formal rural residential school, community based dairy farm and bio-gas unit and micro-credit unit at Madnapelli in Chittoor district of AP.

My objectives are as follows:
1. Provide primary level education to young boys & girls as well to interested adults.
2. Provide income generating opportunity in rural area.

I therefore wish to do followings:
1. Build a small but comfortable retirement home for myself, wife & 2 nos. guests.
2. Set up a rural residential school for rural children.
3. Arrange and provide small personal & bank loans to rural poor especially women to purchase dairy animals.
4. Set up community based dairy farm, where the newly purchased dairy animals can be looked after by them on a cooperative basis.
5. Set up a dairy farmunit & community based kitchen,where women can cook food and sell it to others.
5. Set up a rural micro-credit unit, where the villagers can deposit their savings and take loan.

In order to achieve my objectives, I need young & adults, unemployed & enterprising persons from all over India, who wants improve his life as well as the life of others, especially boys, girls & women.

If you think, you are the right person, I am looking for then what are you waiting for? I am sure that you will not be disappointed you.

So pls. feel free to contact me by email with your comments to my objectives, with your suggestions, how to acheive these objectives and with your interest to take part as a full time partner of this social project.

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