Need suggestion on legal documents needed for Goat farming


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There are no legal documents required for starting the goat farm in India as it is allied extension of agriculture. To begin with farmer can start goat farming within their farm premises and expand the operations as they gain the experience and financial strength for capital investment. Later as the herd size increases and farm operations are stabilized farmer can register their farm at Krishi Udyogalay for goat trading. It can be also done online on their website. .

However if the farmer seeks loan from the bank then he definitely would need series of documents. Nonetheless I strongly recommend the farmers to take loan from family and friends because in India it is extremely difficult and time consuming process to take loan from banks. It is unfortunate that India being agriculture based country the farmers are often looked down because of their lifestyle, image and grooming issues.

Goat farming is stable business. If done with 100% sincerity and commitment farmers can repay entire loan amount taken from family and friends within no time. But certainly dedication to the business is must.

Join live meetings with buyers, sellers, and experts!