Question Need guidance to start-up vermi compost industry

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Dear Sir,

I Want to start Varmi Compost Industry at Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.I Request you Kindly give me the advaise for this Industry & give the what is the required Form(Sight),Shead , What is the Size of Compost Beds We required. What is the minium project cost. This Varmi Compost is used 50% our own Forms and remaining 50% to sales to another Farmers or Traders.

Kindly give the Information for this Industry sales Markat , how to sale this Varmi Compost to Other Way.

Thanking You,

kirti s

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Dear Sir

Compost pit of any convenient dimension can be constructed in the backyard or garden or in a field. It may be single pit, two pits or tank of any sizes with brick and mortar with proper water outlets. The most convenient pit or chamber of easily manageable size is 2m x 1m x 0.75m. The size of the pits and chambers should be determined according to the volume of biomass and agricultural waste. To combat the ants from attacking the worms, it is good to have a water column in the centre of the parapet wall of the Vermipits.

Vermibed (vermes= earthworms; bed= bedding) is the actual layer of good moist loamy soil placed at the bottom, about 15 to 20 cm thick above a thin layer (5 cm) of broken bricks and coarse sand.
Earthworms are introduced into the loamy soil, which the worms will inhabit as their home. 150 earthworms may be introduced into a compost pit of about 2m x 1m x 0.75m, with a vermibed of about 15 to 20 cm thick.
Handful‑lumps of fresh cattle dung are then placed at random over the vermibed. The compost pit is then layered to about 5 cm with dry leaves or preferably chopped hay/straw or agricultural waste biomass. For the next 30 days the pit is kept moist by watering it whenever necessary.
The bed should neither be dry or soggy. The pit may then be covered with coconut or Palmyra leaves or an old jute (gunny) bag to discourage birds.
Plastic sheets on the bed are to be avoided as they trap heat. After the first 30 days, wet organic waste of animal and/or plant origin from the kitchen or hotel or hostel or farm that has been pre-digested is spread over it to a thickness of about 5 cm. This can be repeated twice a week.
All these organic wastes can be turned over or mixed periodically with a pickaxe or a spade.
Regular watering should be done to keep the right amount of moisture in the pits. If the weather is very dry it should be dampened periodically.
vermi compost project

Dear Mr.Rja
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