Need guidance to setup a goat farm Namakkal Dist, Tamilnadu


This in Naveen, I'm interested in goat farm business.

I need to know the good and bad in this business.

And loan and subsidy details and procedures to get the loan and subsidy.

Anybody pls suggest....



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You could very well contact the TNAU, Namakkal, they give regular training in goat farming
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Hi Naveen,
I'm Mr J. Kantharaj, native of Chennai, residing at Bangalore. Send me details of the area of your farm, water source, marketability, and other information, to my mail - jkantharaj6@gmail. com - I will give you useful details about setting up a Goat & country chicken farm. Please understand that you have to grow all the feed for them in your farm itself. No buying from outside and all fertilisers to be produced in the farm. I have much knowledge in Organic farming practices.


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