Need guidance on how to cater Sahiwal, Gir cow


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pl let me know how to cater Sahiwal,Gir cow .How much green feed and other items should be given for a cow yielding 10 to 12 ltrs milk per day. what is the cost difference between cultivating green grass and buying green grass from the market to feed the cows.
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Gir and Sahiwal are the best indigenous dairy breeds of the country. These two breeds yield A2 milk rich in medicinal properties and having fat content between 4-5%. Desi cows such as Gir, Shaiwal, Tharparkar, Kankrej, Red Sindhi and others are disease resistant and withstand all odds. These are absolutely no-trouble to the farmers. Farmer can earn really well in commercial farm with desi cows if it is fed with good fodder.

As far as possible it is best to grow the fodder organically for desi cows within the farm premises or even outsource to other farmers but ensure the fodder is grown under close supervision. If the fodder is bought from the market it lacks in nutritive value and there is no guarantee that it is grown using chemicals. Besides it will be expensive buying it from market than growing by the farmer themselves. Exact difference is difficult to quote but certainly farmer will save substantial money if the fodder is grown in-house but surely the quality will be the best.

Cows have to be fed with dry fodder, green fodder and concentrates. The quantity of the fodder varies from one cow to other with respect to its age and milking status. Cows yielding 10-12 litre milk everyday must be given concentrates twice in a day before milking while dry and green fodder should be given thrice in a day, after milking once in morning, evening and afternoon. It is allowed to have as much water it wants.

Dry fodder comprises of rice and sorghum paddy straw while green includes pearl millet (bajra) and ‘Napier’ hybrid grass. Green fodder could be the mix five greens namely maize, azolla, napier, nutrifeed and barseem. All these greens fulfill the nutrient requirement of the cows. Every day each cow should be fed with 12 kg green fodder.

There are different formulations to make the concentrate. I share the details about the concentrate prepared in my farm. We mix maize 40%, rice bran 33%, cotton seed oil cake/groundnut seed oil cake 15%, dal dust 10%, mineral salt 2% and common salt 1%. All the ingredients are mixed properly and stored. When we feed it to the cows, we add water in the concentrate just to make the mix semi-liquid so that it becomes easy for the cow to eat. Usually the formula for the concentrate quantity to be given during lactation period is 350 grams/one litre milk plus 1 kg for body maintenance.

Fodder management is imperative for good health of the cows. Once in routine it is easy to grow it all in the farm.

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Hi Team,
Appreciate for ur valuable knowledge. Few more queries:
1. Anyone know about HARDHENU cow bread? Is she use for commercial farming
2. To start a farm with 5 cows, how much money would be require and what are returns we can expect exclude fodder and land not shade.
3. Can we do intgrated farming with other livestock like pig
4. In Delhi, where i can get training for commercial dairy cow farming

Your help would be very much appreciable.

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