Advertising Need buy back knowledge for farming

A unique thought you have put forward to develop your own farming and encourage agriculture. I will sure help you with the Aloe vera plantation and I suggest that will earn you a lot than any other plantation. As they have high medicinal and market value.

1. The maximum production yield of two acres is about 30 tonnes.

2. According to an Indian market, 1 tonne of aloe vera cost about 15,000 to 20,000 rupees.

3. The total cost of cultivation is about 53,600 rupees.
Well, for an example, let think that 1 tonne of Aloe Vera cost around 18,000 rupees.

4. For 30 tonnes of Aloe Vera production costs about 30 x 18,000 = 5,40,000 rupees.

5. While coming to the cost of investment it is around 53,600 rupees for 2 acres of land.

6. The total profit and income is 5,40,000-53,600=4,86,00 rupees.
If you want to gain more profits and more income then increase the area of cultivation of Aloe Vera.

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