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We can supply GACHHAKAYA seeds (Caesalpinia crista) for this coming rainy season. Its a very good hedge plant with thick thorns, wont allow any creature into our lands. For price please send us a enquiry directly to our e mail.

Along with fence/border you can plant GACHHAKAYA seeds. PLant them in rainy season and they will establish. Give light irrigation in summer. Prune the plant to a height of 3 feet and pruning helps to make it as a shrub. As it is thorny plant, with full of vegetation, it will restricts all unwanted entries into farm.

Plant one gachhakaya plant for every 2-3 feet. Accordingly calculate the required plants. In one kg you will get around 500 seeds.

Sow them in 5" x 6" nursery bags (should be with drainage holes at bottom). Fill the nursery bags with 50% soil + 25% FYM + 25% sand or red soil. Tightly pack the seeds in thin cloth and put them in the water for 24 hours. Sow one Gachhakaya seed in each bag filled with this mixture. Give adequate irrigation. In 45 - 60 days plants are ready for transplantation. You can plant them along with the fence or border of your farmland. Protect them for good growth and to establish.

You can expect around 70 - 80% germination. From one kg of seeds you can expect 350 - 400 plants.

Accordingly you can plant required plants/seeds.
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Live fencing

apart from Gachakaya seeds , Karonda can be grown as fence crop.

Karonda can also be grown up to 4-5 feet height , berries are used for making cherries with sugar solution . ( decorated in ice creams)

Karonda is full of thorns and can be pruned every year as live fencing .

can also be gown as orchard . gives 25 Kgs per bush (tree) costs Rs.25/ per Kg . One acre crop with a spacing of 18 x12 feet gives around Rs.1.00 Lakhs income .

Karonda is sour in taste and can be used as pickle ( un ripened fruits)

Can be cooked along with dhal.

Karonda is much demanded in chennai.

The Seedlings are available at Chandra Nursery , Near Sathupalli, Khammam District , AP

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