Medicinal Plants

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Medicinal plants has been a passion of mine for some time now ever since I was a medic in Nam forty some years ago. The first consideration when beginning to look at this subject is what you need or what you might need medicinal plants for. The first thing that comes to mind is bleeding. I can't seem to go into the woods without at least getting a small cut or scratch somewhere even though I wear gloves most of the time. The thing I keep in my arsenal (small medicine bag) is Catbriar root for bleeding. Keeping the wound clean and free from infection is paramount especially in a survival situation. Small cuts are easily handled with a little water to cleanse it and maybe some chapstick or super glue to seal it. Deeper wounds and profuse bleeding that require more than a bandaid are what I would like to address here.

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Nowadays we can see medicinal plants are very rare as they are getting spoiled with artificial products which are using them to get more benefits from them. Recently I have read an article in thesis service writing stating these plants are becoming extinct.