Livestock Development Schemes in India


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Visit Livestock Development Schemes page for detailed information on the following livestock development schemes in India:-

- Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme
- Intensive Dairy Development Programme
- Fodder and Feed Development Scheme
- Pig Development Scheme
- Poultry Venture Capital Fund
- Establishment and Modernization of Rural Slaughter Houses
- Salvaging and Rearing of Male Buffalo Calves
- Utilization of Fallen Animals
- Integrated Development of Small Ruminants (Sheep, Goat) and Rabbits
- Conservation of Threatened Breeds of Small Ruminants, Rabbits, Pigs, Pack-Animals and Equines
- Livestock Insurance Scheme

If you know of any other such schemes in your State/region, please post details as a reply to this post so as to benefit other livestock farmers.

Dr. Vivek Patil
Asst. Prof. LPM, Veterinary College, Bidar

Site Moderators please note :This is a livestock extension initiative meant to increase awareness about the economic aspects of dairy farming and aid in project planning by dairy entrepreneurs. It does not involve any business activity.

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