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List of Food processing technologies available in NRDC


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The National Research Development Corporation,Delhi ,India offers a variety of technologies in the post-harvest, handling, storage and processing of food and agro commodities.

Corned beef
Egg Albumen Flakes
Egg Powder
Fish Meal & Oil
Fish products: thermal processed
Instant gravy mixes (dehyd)
Meat gravy (concentrate)
Shark fin rays from dried fins
Shrimp: Canning of
Shrimp Freeze drying of
Extruded Shrimp Feed
Animal feed formulations: Cattle & Poultry
Bacon & Ham: preparation
Bactopeptone from fish waste
Chicken products: Sticks, Curried, Kabab
Egg: extension of shelf-life
Meat pickles: Fish, Prawn, Chicken, Mutton
Fish waste silage (acid)
Poultry intestine silage
Fish viscera silage
Mackerel: salt curing, drying
Meat soup cube
Meat tenderization
Mutton: conditioning of
Dehydration of Meat
Sausage casings: natural
Sausage preparation (Meat, Chicken, Fish & Pork)
Traditional products HAE/RTC (all 7):-
Chicken Tandoori, Chicken kabab, Mutton shami kabab, Breaded chicken
Chicken sandwich spread (HAE), Frozen Curry -Chicken, Fish, Mutton (HAE), Biryani –Mutton & Chicken (HAE),
Meat/Fish/Poultry wafers (Chicken/Fish/Prawn/Pork/Egg/Meat)
Marinating paste- Fish fry
Marinated – Tandoori chicken including marinating paste
Meat paste from layer chicken
Meat/Chicken/Fish/Prawn/Pork/Egg wafers
Fermented Silkworm pupae Silage
Chicken soup mix
Tenderization of layer chicken muscle
Shelf-stable chicken biriyani
Shelf-stable chicken tit-bits
Meat burger
Egg loaf
Shelf stable kabab mix with chicken meat

Biscuit formulations: Cocoa, Cocoa cream, Nutro, High protein (all 4)
Sugar free Biscuit
Baking powder
Biscuit production: Salt/Sweet, Cardamom flavour, High fiber, Wheat germ, Sunflower seed grits, Low sodium, Therapeutic
Bread: Production (Brown, plain, Sweet, Milk, Whole wheat, Fruit, High fiber, Ragi, Bajra
Premixes – baked foods-Bread, Biscuit, Cookie
Composite Ragi Rusk
Onion flavoured biscuit
Wheat Germ Stabilization
Sugar free cup cake
Sugar free cake rusk
Instant Payasam Mix
Bar cake
Whole wheat flour biscuit
Egg-less Cake
Sugar free layer cake
Sugar free rusk
High protein rusk & buns
High protein Upma mix
Cake rusk
Instant cake mix
Vermicelli (wheat & whole wheat flour)
Fortified protein rich vermicelli
Ragi based biscuit
Layered parotta (South Indian)
Suruchi meetha–health food snacks (burfi)
Honey based Bakery products
Sugar free bread
Egg less cake premix
High protein biscuits
Improver mix for bread, rolls and buns etc. (yeast leavened bakery products)
Shelf stable chapathi
Chocolate pasta

Coffee beverage
Coffee/Tea whitener
Cola flavour concentrate
Orange flavour concentrate for manufacture soft beverage
Flavoured tea
Instant tea
Liquid fruits (Apple, Banana, Grapes, Guava)
Malted beverage
Toned milk: with vegetable protein
Carrot juice beverage & RTS
Ginger cocktail
Groundnut milk/Soya milk curd
Honey beverage
Orange comminuted: beverage base
Pan supari nectar
Pomegranate juice & products
Fruit syrups & squashes
Litchi products
Lactic beverage-Cereal based
Sugarcane juice – bottling
Clear Lime-Lemon flavour blend for soft drink manufacture
RTS fruit juice & beverages
Neera bottling

Cereal flakes: rice, jowar
Instant traditional foods: Bisi bele bhath, Puliogere, Sambar, Rasam, Pongal, Urd bhath, Imlipoha
Quick cooking rice
Curing of new paddy
Maize based snacks
Parboiling of paddy: dry heat/hot soak method
Paushtik atta
Refined millet flour
Composite vermicelli based on ragi flour
Simple wheat milling process
Basmati Rice (Staining technique)
Maize & Wheat flakes (dry heat process)
Detoxification of kesari dhal
Husk free cereal malt flour
Maize chips
Vermicelli noodles - Rice, Jowar, Ragi, Maize, Bajra, Navane & Samai
Ready to eat low fat snack like – “Chakli & Tengolal”
Improved maize flour
Ready to eat low fat flaked spices Maize/Corn-snacks
Legume based ready-to-fry-snacks
Ragi based papads
Pulse based papads
Decortication of Ragi
Malted ragi flour – enzyme rich
Ready-to-eat low fat maize snacks form milled maize grits
Flaking of fox tail millet
Composite lentil chips
Flaked jowar – RTE sweet & savoury snacks
Quick cooking, germinated & dehydrated pulses
Fermented & dehydrated ready mixes for Idli & Dosa
Foods for diabetics
Shelf-stable jowar flour
Processed besan (Bengal gram flour) for sev and boondi preparation
Puffed moth bean based sweet and savoury snacks
Expanded Horse gram
Finger millet (Ragi) based murukku
Fermented & dehydrated ready mix of Dosa

Ready Mixes – Idli, Vada, Dosa, Chakli, Jamoon, Jelebi, Cake, Maddur vada, Pakoda, Flavoured flan, Cake
Doughnut, Combination dough mix, Upma
Jamoon: Canning of
Rasagolla: Canning of
RTE convenience food-Khakra
Orange peel curry/chutney
Snack food (soya/maize)
North Indian (Punjab) Halwa Mix
Bombay Halwa Mix
Chutney paste (spreads)
Low fat expanded Snacks
Soya based instant sambar mix
Low sugar milk Burfi
Deep fat fried & flavoured cashew kernels
Shelf-stable & ready to eat foods thermo processed in retort pouches (non-veg. & veg. Foods)
Canned (Aluminium cans) mixed vegetable curry and rice based convenience products
Canned (Aluminium cans) vegetable chunks in tomato soup
Tamarind candy
Nutri blends of edible oils
Chikki/ Nutra-chikki (3 formulation)

Durofume (process & formulation)
Lindane and by-products
Methyl bromide
Phosphine indictor paper
Cockroach trap
Durabase formulation
Minifume tablets
Pest Proof emulsion
Pheromone Traps for (T.castaneum)
Simple detection kit for endosulfan residues in plant foods

Alcohol: Banana, Cashew apple, Mahua flowers, Grapes
Alcohol-Tapioca (Cassava)
Baker's yeast
Microbial production of amyloglucosidase enzyme by solid state fermentation
Microbial production of pectinase enzyme by submerged fermentation
Food enzymes: Fungal amylase
Fungal phytase enzyme
Alcohol-using osmotolerant strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Aflatoxin decontamination (filtration method)
Vinegar generation: natural (incl. generator design) from Jaggery, Toddy, Pineapple
Lactic Acid production
Biosensor from Glucose and Sucrose
Lactic acid biosensor
Xanthan gum
Ready to use idli batter in retail packs
Ready to use dosa batter in retail packs
Protocol for assembly of Aflatoxin detection kit
Microbial production of Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)
Kit for the detection of aflatoxins by improved Dot-ELISA technique
Kit for the detection of deoxynivalenol by improved Dot-ELISA technique
Cultivation of Dunaliella,β-carotene rich micro algae
Production of Steviosides extract and crystals from Stevia rebaudiana
Cultivation of Botryococcus braunii

Annatto dye: preparation
Citrus oils: deterpenation
Processing of cocoa beans to: Cocoa mass, Cocoa butter, Cocoa powder
Compounded Asafoetida
Coriander dhal supari
Encapsulated flavours
Food Colours – Natural – Beetroot, Safflower, Kokum, Grapes
Garlic powder
Kokum: concentrate & powder
Mustard powder
Making superior quality White pepper
Dehydrated of Green pepper
Plant growth promoter: n-triacontanol
Spice oils: Pepper, Ginger & Cardamom
Spice oleoresins: Pepper, Ginger, Turmeric, Chillies
Tamarind: juice concentrate & powder
Sterilization of Black Pepper
Cardamom: fixation of green colour
Cherry coffee: Monsooning
Processing of coca (Theobroma cocoa pods to dried cocoa beans
Desiccated coconut
Ginger: dehydration/bleaching
Red chillies: fractionation
Red chillies: drying of (incl. dipsol formulation)
Turmeric: curing & polishing
Walnut processing
Ready spice mixes (Sambar Rasam & Pulao)
Zink - EDTA Chelate
Garlic paste
Ginger paste
Gravy paste for different Indian Cuisine
Spray dried coconut milk powder
Sugarcane juice spread
Removal of smoky odor from bhatti cured large cardamom capsules
Green pepper in brine
Neera bottling
Green tamarind spice mix - paste & powder
Production of encapsulated spice/citrus oils & spice oleoresins
Production of canned sugarcane juice in aluminium cans
Preparation of cashew apple candy
Faster curing of vanilla beans
Preparation of radical scavenging conserve from tea leaves - normal/ coarse/ pruned
Chlorogenic acid rich coffee conserve from green coffee beans
Preparation of water soluble turmeric colourant (odourless) formulation (WTCF)
2-hydroxy-4 methoxy benzaldehyde, a natural flavourant from Swallow Roots (Decalepis hamiltoni Wight & Arn
Coffee based mouth freshener

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Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)