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Dear Members,

We are manufacturing “WIN-EA-CROP” 100% Organic High Yield Fertilizer, that increases Crops yields and Farmers income by 100% and above.

It is the only product available in India at very economical price, to DOUBLE the Crops yields and Farmers income.

WIN-EA-CROP has many national and international Credentials. Certified by Orissa, Assam & Haryana Agriculture Universities for its excellent productive performance.

WIN-EA-CROP is certified as Organic Fertilizer by OF&G of Europe. WIN-EA-CROP technology is officially nominated to WORLD FOOD PRIZE FOUNDATION, USA (equivalent to Noble Prize in Food & Agriculture productivity) .

We are looking for Distributors and Importers to market "Farmers Most Wanted" and "Monopoly Product" WIN-EA-CROP, on highly profitable terms.

Interested individuals and Business Firms are requested to email to organictech@gmail.comfor more details and for distributorship information.

Prabhaakar, CEO.,

-CROPP Projects (Mfg & Mkg),
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