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workers available for hill plantations
kodaikanal,ooty and other hills related areas
if require pls contact
8248284664, 9487002125
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I appreciate the way you have trained your labours and the way they are following their duty perfectly in our Chennai farm
Keep up the good work. Once again thank you for the good service and I wish the company a lot of success.
I am also planning to start following 2 type of Agri related buisiness within 3 months and we are basically from Sivaganga Dist where we have shortage of Manpower.

1). Goat Farming
2). Red Bricks.

Could you please supply for me in Contract Basic an let me know procedure for it.

Waiting for your reply to my email ID : at the earliest.


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Friends, I have been cheated by Mr. Sijish Nambiar. Please refer to this link for complete details - Yesterday Mr. Sijish Nambiar spoke to me and told that he will not return the money i gave him (Rs. 15000). Also, he will not supply any labor to me. Please be cautious when you interact with Mr. Sijish Nambiar from GWT.

When i reviewed the postings from Mr. Sijish Nambiar, i found that there are few ids that post the same appreciation comment on Mr. Sijish Nambiar again and again. I do not find reason for someone to do this. Are these people (or dummy ids) used to create positive image on Mr. Sijish Nambiar ? Like the ids that i pointed above "agribizns", "Zinsha"..there are few more ids like this..

I will post this message across all the threads where some of these ids have posted appreciation message on Mr. Sijish Nambiar. My objective is to ensure no one else gets cheated like me.


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Don't give us business pressure

we ve recruited 2 labours then why you telling "I have been cheated by Mr. Sijish Nambiar""I have been cheated by Mr. Sijish Nambiar"
you have signed 1 year agreement( 15000 divided by 12 months=rs 1250 monthly)
we have rights to entry your farm with 2 couples but we don't have staying facility..After 15 th,pongal holiday,we are seeking Local-legal authority before entrust workers to your farm and dealing their salary issues

your random complaint,every one hesitate to call us..we don't bother, being an agriculture graduate we have lot business in agri sector
100 of labours life you have spoiled now
After pongal we will visit mulbrio,....

we have stopped our other labour-service business time being to focus your farm

sijish nambiar
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GWT-AGRICULTURAL COUNTRY(E-bulletin),Started from Dec’2014, our monthly electronic newsletter provides updates of recent agriculture activities and advertisements.
E-Bulletin is sent to all members every month(50,000 email ID) and posted on the web page/Discussion Forums for 1 month.
Reaching out every village in Tamilnadu by postal and our staff field work by maintaining Farmer-address book.

In Tamilnadu,More than 1,00,000 farmer families are receiving at free cost,It will be Increased coming months

Please send your formatted advertisement or articles/Personal Consultancy profile/Product&Company detailes to Introduce OurTN- farmers…..
by email to: or call-sijish Nambiar- 9487002125 / 9003828077

Pls Visit our Branch office:GWT,32,ACC Road,Palani,Tamilnadu
Model design:
View attachment 8706 View attachment 8707

GWT-(Tamilnadu)-sijish nambiar
*Recruiting agri-labours for farm/dairy farm/plantation
*Ad-E Bulletin- "விவசாய நாடு "/"AGRICULTURAL COUNTRY"


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