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Exelent work opportunity that will give you growth in finance, experience, creativity and learning. We offer world class health care and food products, with training and marketing support. Work at your own level and capacity. We manufacture Aloevera Products, Amla Products, Kerala Jamun Ras and Sharbats besides we are going to introduce many new products soon. We are the best becos we have developed many innovative food products, and we are committed for growth. !!!!!

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Join live meetings with buyers, sellers, and experts!

Join live meetings with buyers, sellers, and experts!


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Business offer

We are the fast growing seed manufacturer and suplier of Hybrid seeds based at Hyderabad with professional team. We need financial support/business partner to cater our established market brand/ goodwill. We can provide land security against investment.

We are looking for Business partner/financer to expand our business activity.

* Our main product is Hybrid seeds (Hybrid Paddy etc) having good market potential (The seed replacement rate in India is around 3%only.). We also produce and sell Foundation/stock seed for 6-7 small seed companies. With investment/ market experiance we will expand with other crop also.
.* I my self is doctarate in field and have moer than 10 years work exp. with MNCs with various capacity. We have dedicated and professional team to deliver the best. Apart from above, I have a strong friend/well wisher in almost every seed company to get valuable information/ support time to time.
* There are a no. of competirors (well established 5-6 Nos including two MNCs) in the market. However one the basis of our product quality, competitive price and market understanding, we will emerge as winner in next 5-10 years.
* Our urgent financial need is around 10-15 lac INR
* We can afford with 12%/year intrest or up to 35%share. Investor may go first year on intrest basis with share option in second or third year. With good investment (up to one crore, our profitt may be double in a year as the business is already started giving profiit.
* Pls see company website for more detail: Qualitas Crop Science
* We belive to make a long term relation with our customers and investors
Thanks with regards,
J K Nigam
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