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We are leading ISO 9001 certified Organization is the sector of promotion of medicinal and aromatic plantation. We are leading technology provider for the cultivation of Jatropha and processing of the Jatropha oil and Jatropha Cake. Currently we are cultivating Jatropha under contractual farming in whole the nation. Whole the Jatropha is being cultivated under close supervision of our highly trained agriculture technologist. The Jatropha cultivation has changed lifestyle of our growers.

We have been promoting medicinal, horticultural, Jatropha and Aromatic plantation since then and giving time to time input to the farmers from technology to marketing all over India.

We are promoting Bio-diesel fuel all over the world. We can supply bulk quantity of Jatropha plants & providing consultancy on purchasing agriculture land for jatropha cultivation in Rajasthan.

List of Jatropha products which are available at HCMS:

• Jatropha seeds
• Jatropha crude oil
• Jatropha cake

You can send your query on following mail:

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Jatropha seeds..

Hello,What is the price of 100 kgs of jatropah seed?Can we extract the biodiesiel from Jatropah oil extruder?

The cost of Jatropha seeds Rs20/kg.
If you get lesser than this its good you buy that but before that we need to know about
Your extruder for extracting oil from 100kgs.of seeds.
We will let you know how much biodiesel you can produce if we are informed of your oil recovery out of 100kgs seeds.

Hope you do this and come back with more datas.
Goodluck Hari nana bala